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Focus on Homelessness

Homelessness is nothing new and it’s an issue that affects people across the world. Despite it being something everyone is aware of, it can be easy to forget how many people are affected by it. A recent report by family support service Anglicare Victoria highlighted the increasingly challenging housing predicament for many low-income Australians, in particular for single […] Continue reading →

Inflatable Homeless Shelters

Artist Michael Rakowitz’s ongoing ParaSITE project provides portable inflatable shelters for homeless people. ParaSITE shelters utilize the vents and ventilation systems from buildings for both temperature and warmth. When warm air leaves the building, it inflates the shelter’s double membrane and simultaneously heats it. ParaSITE inflatable homes have been built and used by over 30 […] Continue reading →

Mobile Homeless Homes

The Paul Elkins Shelter is Almost Too Cozy Looking No one wants to be homeless; it is a choice that does not come easily to most. But if you are going to be homeless, the Paul Elkins shelter ensures that you don’t have to be shelter-less. Sure, it is 225lbs, but it is on wheels […] Continue reading →

Japanese Homeless Camp, Complete With Solar Panel

The Japanese are just better than the rest of us. There. I’ve said it. From consumer electronics to cars, it seems that the Japanese just do things better. I’m sure we’ve all heard that the Japanese may be academically better (their school children consistently score at the top of the charts) but they’re not creative. […] Continue reading →

Shelter 2.0 – Shelter for the Masses?

Robert Bridges from Shelter 2.0 says: “It easily assembled as every part is CNC cut and there are very few different pieces. The tarp can be removed once it has been set up and then made more permanent by either sheathing with two layers of 1/4 ply covered with a rubber membrane or some sort of […] Continue reading →

Solutions to homelessness

Lore Krill Housing Co-op The build is named for Lore Krill a housing activist in Vancouver, B.C. It would not exist today without pressure from the public to address the issue.  The funding to build the Co-op came from the government in the form of a loan to be repaid over 35 years. There are three tiers of membership that have to be maintained. […] Continue reading →