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The build is named for Lore Krill a housing activist in Vancouver, B.C. It would not exist today without pressure from the public to address the issue.  The funding to build the Co-op came from the government in the form of a loan to be repaid over 35 years. There are three tiers of membership that have to be maintained.12258 7833 300x296 Solutions to homelessness  These are people who pay the full housing charge, people who pay a percentage of their income and people who are full subsidized. This gets some homeless of the street,  helps those a risk to avoid homelessness and provides sufficient funds to pay for the building. It has allowed many the opportunity to leave street life and peruse a more productive and satisfying life. It also bridges the gap between the different economic class of society and opens a dialog for economic equality.

12258 78371 Solutions to homelessness


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