For Whom?

Primarily we work with and for homeless people, since we believe their empowerment will lead to true change in their lives. We meet people on the streets where we live and travel and make contact with them.

Organizations working to resolve homelessness, to help people without homes and support them in their lives, are all over the world. We hope to get together information and input from you and gather it here on our website. We are open to work with every organization and share experience and knowledge to contribute.

Artistic and cultural organizations
As society rather not sees the consequences of how we live together, it is important to keep showing to the world that homeless people exist, that they are as human as others, and under which circumstances they are living. For that we look for artists and cultural organizations. We use our photography and art for this as well.

Passionate human beings
We don’t believe for a moment that changing the world is about foundations, workshops or bureaucracy in any form. The movement we make is possible through passionate human beings, who recognize the work we do and get passionate about joining. Primarily working together is about having a good connection, and from there anything can be created.