Join Us

Join us!

A network of various people is active for Homeless of the World, and you are very welcome to join us in any way you can.

Projects and workshops
Whether you are a homeless shelter or any kind of organization: if you work with homeless it is possible to do one of our projects (dreams, environment, connection, visibility) or workshops. We have experience with projects to develop dreams and understanding how you can achieve these, and working with homeless on art and fashion projects to earn a living. We are willing to support and make public your initiatives in any way.

Of course there simply is money needed to do the work we do, and to start projects for homeless people all over the world. If you can support this financially, you can press the Support Homeless button on our homepage.

Buy our work
You van by prints of all our photos, just let us know which one you want to order by email. All the money we get this way is put into improving the lifes of the homeless.

One of the main goals of Homeless of the World is to make these people visible to the world. To realize this publicity is needed. A simple way to help is to put a link to our website on your weblog, forum, website, newsletter or Facebook/LinkedIn page. If you have access to printed media it is great to publish an article in any form. Another form of publicity is the exhibition of the portraits we make of homeless.