What do we do?

Homeless people are just people like you and me that live under the wrong circumstances.

There have always been homeless people and as long as the world doesn’t change in a sustainable environment, it will always be.

The causes for the fact that people are homeless are complex and not easy to solve.

Our economic system is based on growth and production. It is appealing to a quality we all possess: greed. As long as everything is unsustainable we have to produce over and over and more and more, innovating until we drop dead. The world is believed to be better if all the figures show growth. As a consequence there is scarceness of nearly everything. Also of work and places to life. If the economic system was aimed at sustainability it took this scarceness into consideration and took care of the dropouts. But taking care is seen as slowing down the growth, so the system reduces the dropouts to ‘reasonable” figures.

The world lives in a big illusion: when you are rich, you are successful, when you are poor you are at least unlucky and with a reasonable argument’s, people can make clear, that it is you who are responsible for your own situation. This is a belief more strong than any religion so far. The fact is that we are thrown into the world at a certain place under certain circumstances, that we are drilled to accept these and are forbidden to do something about it. So the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich. Just when some economy is rising the poor are a little less poor and the rich more rich. And when the economy slows down, the poor suffer and the rich will be richer.

The prejudices of the “have’s” are strong, and maybe the prejudices of the “have nots” even stronger.

The world is becoming more and more complex, bureaucracies as big as the world itself, nobody understands anymore, styles of government from pure dictatorship to christian social “equality” creates environments that are at least threatening for those who lack the knowledge and the intelligence to deal with it.
Make belief religion keep the faithful in prisons of waiting for a god to solve things. Unable to understand their environment makes people lose their dignity and care fro theirselves.

Beside all this there are people with strange concepts about the world, sometimes mentaly ill, sometimes just to different to be part of the so called normal bourgeois society. Normal people were responsible for the death of 100 of millions of people the last hundred year.

The system, the prejudices, the complexity, mentally illness and sometimes bad luck makes people live on the streets.

What we want to do with this website is just show them as the everyday people they are only under the wrong cirumstances. What we want to be is a platform for people who want to contribute to solution, thus helping to create a sustainable world.