Wikipedia: about homelessness

On this wikipedia page you find information on homelessness in several countries, as well as global stats and definitions. It talks about the history and social science of homeless people, and the laws that apply on homelessness. Furthermore you find information on causes, specific problems and recources like health care and refugees.

PBS NOW: television show on homelessness

What will most help homeless people reenter the fabric of society? Some say the answer is right there in the question: a home. This week, NOW investigates a program that secures apartments for the long-term homeless, even if they haven’t kicked their bad habits. If you think that sounds crazy, think again. Advocates say this approach reduces costs, encourages self-help and counseling participation, and restores self-esteem. The evidence seems to be with them, and the program is spreading to hundreds of cities across the country. NOW follows a man nicknamed ‘Footie’ who invited them to see this idea in action in New York City.

Rebecca`s Community Australia:

People who work to cure homelessness, I the definition of homeless being without connection to others. So they work to give people back that connection and feeling of belonging. They keep in touch with people long after they are off the streets and have moved on from hospitality house. We expect to continue this relationship, if only by phone for many years to come. By acting more like a family and less like a welfare service they are responding to the experience homeless people have in a way that is very unconventional. But it works.

Art of Herbert Freeman

This short documentary is a tribute to the homeless artist Herbert Freeman, who has been selling his art in downtown Orlando, Florida for over a decade. In his blog you can follow his work, life ans art.