Voice is an organization working with marginalized and disempowered people in Cambodia and Australia. It aims to empower and enable people to achieve long-term independence through personalized solutions. Voice assist homeless people to access social and economic opportunities and affordable housing.

Habitat for Humanity Jordan

HFH Jordan seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the face of the earth by building adequate and basic housing. It provides no-interest, no-profit loans to the local partners to help families and helps them build simple home.  HFH’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.


The United Nations` organization for human settlements. They work on improving life in urban areas, and combat homelessness as well as improve conditions in slums.

Homeless International

Is a UK based foundation that raises funds and expertise to help beat homelessness worldwide. They focus on improving conditions in slums. Mostly by supporting local organizations and empowerment of the people living there to redesign their living environment.


Eurpean society for national foundations working with homelessness; here you find European policies, research, international initiatives and collaboration.

International Network of Streetpapers

INSP supports and develops over 100 street press projects in 40 countries, to create employment and training opportunities for homeless people. Streetpapers are a way of empowering and making a living for 12.000 homeless people worldwide.

National Coalition for the Homeless

This foundation in the US is a strong advocate of homeless` rights, supports and publishes research, and does a lot of work in making the stories of homeless people known in society.

Shelter 2.0

Robert Bridges and Bill Young designed an instant shelter, like a light weight house, which can be build easily. The goal of Shelter 2.0 is to shelter the one hundred million homeless people in the world. That goal in the age of file sharing, open source, and social networking has never been more achievable.

 Art for the Homeless

Uniting artists of all venues to promote homeless awareness in the USA. Started by a previous homeless artist, this foundation works all art forms to provide support and awareness of nonprofit homeless shelters, and to provide a space where the artists of all disciplines create and participate in organizational sponsored activities and programs working to raise awareness of homelessness, Art4TH hosts and promotes activities for integration of the presently and previously homeless, and assistance locating homeless resources and supportive services in the United States.