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Worldwide cities try measures to ban homeless

Fashion Shoot22 269x300 Worldwide cities try measures to ban homeless    Photo by Martijn Crowe

In several cities all over the world, some measures are taken for remove homeless from the street. We are not talking about helping them but chase them from the streets. Like spikes appeared in China and England, discover a resume of inhuman acts here.

Government of Canada Helps People Who Are Homeless or at Risk of Homelessness in Thompson

THOMPSON, MANITOBA–(Marketwire – July 18, 2012) – Vulnerable people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness will have greater access to shelter and support services, announced the Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety and Member of Parliament for Provencher, on behalf of the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development. […] Continue reading →

Solutions to homelessness

Lore Krill Housing Co-op The build is named for Lore Krill a housing activist in Vancouver, B.C. It would not exist today without pressure from the public to address the issue.  The funding to build the Co-op came from the government in the form of a loan to be repaid over 35 years. There are three tiers of membership that have to be maintained. […] Continue reading →

Homeless man freezes to death behind store

Social agencies say the freezing death of a man highlights the issue of homelessness in the northern Saskatchewan city of Prince Albert. James Benjamin Roberts, 49, was found behind a Michaels store in a retail district on Tuesday. Read more:  We would like to invite you to participate in our forum at Continue reading →

Critics say new definition of ‘homeless’ too broad, includes those only ‘at risk’

Canada’s first official definition of homelessness, published this week by a team of Toronto-based of researchers, includes people who are simply “at risk” of ending up on the street – prompting critics to argue that it paints an overly broad picture of the country’s homeless population. “To say a person is homeless just because they’re […] Continue reading →

Giving the homeless a place to live costs less than providing shelters and emergency services

 Last month, the Canadian Homelessness Research Network (CHRN) released a compilation report on the costs of caring for Canadians on the street. While homeless advocates usually make appeals to compassion and morality when championing policy reforms to help the most impoverished of this country’s citizens, the report attempts to illustrate empirically the financial impact of […] Continue reading →

Cheaper to buy homeless their own place

OTTAWA — A new study says there’s a consensus forming on how to fix one of the most stubborn social problems: homelessness. The study by Stephen Gaetz, director of the Canadian Homelessness Research Network, pulls together research from across Canada and the United States, which suggests it’s far cheaper to give a homeless person a […] Continue reading →