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You can never have enough warm socks

I’m just a regular guy. I’ve been a special education teacher most of my life. I’ve had great moments and crummy ones, including a very low period after a divorce. But as I neared retirement, I looked at life and everyone around me differently. Read more.

Stories of Hope and Courage

Twelve years ago, Santos arrived in Central Florida from Puerto Rico. He had heard of a job opportunity and decided to pursue it. It never materialized.  He quickly learned that being alone without resources in an unfamiliar city was not a comfortable situation to be in. Read more.  Continue reading →

Homeless in Bangkok

When you search for information on homeless people in Bangkok, you will find the astonishing figure of about 2000 homeless. In an Asian city with 50 million people, that is close to nothing.  And it is true, there are a lot of beggars, but it is unclear if they live on the street. You don’t […] Continue reading →

Homeless Signs

The photographer purchased 200 signs from homeless people in New York City. The collection of signs that homeless use to beg is a testimony to the people on the streets. It tells personal stories of the poor and record the story of poverty in the world. Click here to see more Photography by Martijn Crowe Continue reading →

Moradores da Rua

They live on the street, under bridges. To make a living they clean the street, organize all the trash of others and sell it. Due to the financial crisis on this moment, they make only half the money they used to. Just not enough to keep them alive. I made this photos in the place […] Continue reading →

Homeless Father Bob Bins

There’s a reason it’s called guerrilla advertising. Our senses are continuously bombarded and sometimes it takes these ads to jolt us out of our comfort zones and remind us, that compared to some people, just how good we have it. These bins were designed by Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia for the Father Bob Foundation, a […] Continue reading →