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Homeless children in NY

%name Homeless children in NYI used to dread it when people at school asked me where I live or if we could hang out at my place. I would try to give my schoolmates a general response, maybe the name of a neighborhood, but they always pressed for more. I’ve been homeless on and off for most of my life. Read more here. 

From homeless to feeding others

A warm smile, a safe haven and a hearty meal. Isaac Barentine and Will Pruit know the importance of all three – especially for someone who’s homeless. “Having a good meal means you’ve got one less thing to worry about that day. It gives you stability and a sense of hope,” said Will. Read more. Continue reading →

Stories of Hope and Courage

Twelve years ago, Santos arrived in Central Florida from Puerto Rico. He had heard of a job opportunity and decided to pursue it. It never materialized.  He quickly learned that being alone without resources in an unfamiliar city was not a comfortable situation to be in. Read more.  Continue reading →