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Homeless Singapore Home Today, Gone Tomorrow

170 300x180 Homeless Singapore Home Today, Gone Tomorrow  In a country publicly defined by wealth and GDP, a good number of people have only the streets to call home. The PropertyGuru’s Cheryl Tay reports on the worrying prevalence of homelessness in Singapore. Singapore is often hailed by its own government and those in business as a financial hub, seemingly immune to economic issues which plague other countries. Even as the Eurozone faces a severe sovereign debt crisis, Singapore boasts one of the world’s highest GDP per capita and continues to impress tourists and other foreigners with its infrastructure.

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Homeless, Jobless, Hopeful in Korea

Last week I was privileged to speak at an International Convention in Seoul, Korea on the topic of community organizing. The mayor of Seoul and the Seoul Welfare Foundation sponsored this event, which drew people from Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea and the United States to speak. As part of my week-long stay in Seoul, I […] Continue reading →