128 300x226 Singapore: Our homeless sleeping in public placesLast Fri late at night, I was at a coffee shop near to Blk 58 Hawker Centre New Upp Changi Rd. It’s my usual habit to have a coffee after work before I return home and call it a day. I usually read, surf the net or blog whilst quietly enjoying my drink.

The fact that our little piece of rock is inundated with millions of foreigners to the tune of 38% of local population has mortified whatever little space we have. It’s always crowded everywhere – trains, buses, roads, parks, hospitals and coffee shops of course. Sometimes, I have to share tables with others even though there are few coffee shops and a hawker centre in the vicinity.

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Wed Jan 15 , 2014
            Photography by Martijn Crowe www.thefaketory.org

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