mimyro b781067458z.120130222110740000g9s1cj426.1 300x225 She writes about the brighter side of homelessness Eileen Pheland, homeless for 18 years, tells what it is like on the streets.

She calls what she has written a book. It is none of that – a pamphlet, maybe. But that is not the point.
The idea that she had written a book is what made me bite on her story. Tell me, please, how you are not going to meet for hours on a bench in the circle at downtown Orange with a homeless woman, who tells you to come there because she has written a book entitled “The Brighter Side of Homelessness?”

We would like to invite you to participate in our forum at www.homeless-oftheworld.com/?page_id=206.

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Sun Mar 3 , 2013
Streetsleepers Photography by Martijn Crowe www.thefaketory.org
Streetsleepers by Martijn Crowe