New York homelessness sees unprecedented rise

While the mayor’s net worth is up to $27 billion, 21,000 NYC children spent each night of January in a shelter New York City has seen a 73 percent increase in the number of homeless families in the last decade, according to findings released Tuesday by the Coalition for the Homeless. In January alone, an […] Continue reading →

Call for regulation of PRS to prevent homelessness

Regulation of the private rented sector (PRS) is one of several measures being called for to help end homelessness in England. Homeless Link, the umbrella body for homelessness charities, has mapped out steps that it believes need to be taken to prevent and tackle homelessness in the face of service cuts and the Government’s forthcoming […] Continue reading →

Homeless vets more likely to die on the streets

A new study reveals that while veterans represent only 9 percent of the population nationwide, 15.2 percent of America’s homeless have served their country — and when compared to non-veterans, they are much more likely to die on the streets. The 100,000 Homeless Campaign published the results of their latest study on Tuesday. We would […] Continue reading →

Greece is facing a humanitarian crisis

The EU’s own poverty standards show that Greece is in crisis. But member states won’t admit their ‘bailout’ was to blame European societies typically assume that humanitarian crises only take place in the aftermath of natural disasters, epidemics, wars or civil conflicts.That such a crisis could happen in a European country, especially one that is […] Continue reading →