Homeless of the world wants to introduce you to Slovenian Street Magazine Kralji Ulice, or Kings of the Street in English. Every day of this week you will be able to meet a homeless person from Slovenia photographed by Nada Žgank.

Kralji Ulice is a Slovenian organization working with homeless people.  It is where experts, professionals and other individuals dealing with homelessness come together in order to prevent homelessness, improve the living conditions of the homeless and develop practical forms of work. One of its initiatives is the street newspaper “Kings of the Street” which helps homeless people to change their way of life.

Read more about Kralji Ulice on their website www.kraljiulice.org

Today you can meet Maja.

You never know how strong you are until being strong doesn’t become your only option.
Maja, Slovenia

Maja Kings of the StreetPhotography by Nada Žgank

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Tue Apr 15 , 2014
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