1 photo1 300x188 Homelessness is Your Problem Whether You Recognize It Or NotA man in the street begging for money, a women on the side of the road holding up a piece of cardboard saying “Homeless, Will Work for Food,” a family sleeping in their car, a tent city underneath a bridge — all these images represent homelessness.

Most people, millennials included, have certain stereotypes about homelessness. They view people who are homeless as lazy, dirty, and mostly suffering from drug problems. Homelessness pervades all aspects of culture and every walk of life.

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"They just don't want to work."

Tue Jun 11 , 2013
I still hear it said about homeless by many, in Europe, in South America, in Asia. In São Paulo you can see many homeless people […]
"They just don't want to work." by Martijn Crowe