Homeless Man Chooses Computer Coding Lessons Over $100

mcconlogue and leo.jpg.CROP .article250 medium Homeless Man Chooses Computer Coding Lessons Over $100On Wednesday, a New York software engineer published a blog post explaining his plan to offer a local homeless man a choice: $100 with no strings attached, or a free basic laptop and daily computer-coding lessons. As I wrote on Wednesday evening, pretty much everyone immediately blasted the idea as insulting, demeaning, and emblematic of the fundamental arrogance and inhumanity of tech-startup culture. But one guy apparently missed that memo: the homeless man in question.

In a follow-up post today, the software engineer—named Patrick McConlogue—reports that he went ahead with his idea despite the backlash. And the homeless man, who turned out to be named Leo, chose the coding lessons over the cash.

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