Homeless Singapore Home Today, Gone Tomorrow

In a country publicly defined by wealth and GDP, a good number of people have only the streets to call home. The PropertyGuru’s Cheryl Tay reports on the worrying prevalence of homelessness in Singapore. Singapore is often hailed by its own government and those in business as a financial hub, seemingly immune to economic issues […] Continue reading →

Homelessness kills

Right on the heels of a new law that makes squatting illegal comes a report that homeless people die on average thirty years younger than the national average. But people who own empty residential houses can sleep easier now in the knowledge that, instead of making use of otherwise unused property, homeless people will instead […] Continue reading →

Spikes Under Chinese Overpasses To Prevent Sleeping Homeless?

Guangzhou and Shenzhen install cement spikes under overpasses to guard against the homeless Recently, new “landscaping” has appeared under the overpasses in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, featuring a lot of individual pyramid-shaped pointy-little pieces of cement covering the entire overpass floor. Some netizens say this was done by chengguan to guard against homeless sleeping under the […] Continue reading →