Good Eating Lessons for the Homeless

Creativity and resourcefulness. This was Canada’s top chef’s answer to the question how homeless and at-risk youth could stretch their food budget. Basic year-round vegetables might seem boring, but they can be stretched in a lot of directions and turned into a lot of good things.   Click here to read more. Continue reading →

Diversity among the homeless

Although homeless people are often considered as a homogeneous group facing the common problem, i.e. they lack a roof over their heads, often it is not the case. The homeless population is diverse, which can create challenges for the cities. Photography by Martijn Crowe Click here to read more.  Continue reading →


Participatory. Creative. Empowering. These are just several words that describe Voice’s innovative approach to homelessness. By giving a voice to disempowered people Voice seeks to engage marginalized people in reshaping and rebuilding their own life. Voice is a humanitarian organization with offices in Australia and Cambodia, and is involved in various projects supporting those in need. People […] Continue reading →

Katie’s Krops

How can a 9 year old girl help 275 people? The right answer – by donating a 40 pound cabbage to the soup kitchen, where it was made into meals. Katie Stagliano feels bad for the people who have to go to a homeless shelter, but she feels good that she is helping people with […] Continue reading →

Unseen Tours

Do you want to get a different view of the city? The view which is not presented in the guide books and travel portals? The unique guides who have experienced homelessness in the area where they run the tours, can give you an unexplored perspective, which is one of the ways to empower homeless and […] Continue reading →

Sweet Miss Giving

Not for profit bakery provides community not only with delicious brownies, muffins and cookies, but most importantly, with opportunities. The homeless who need to get back on their feet have a chance to gain experience, confidence and hope for a better life with a support by Sweet Miss Giving bakery. Click here to read more. Continue reading →

Every Community Needs Cookies

One of the ways to fight homelessness is to start a cookie business. And this is exactly what Jason Mercado did when he went through a difficult period of his life. This is an example how the skills and creativity help to pursue your dreams and achieve goals. Click here to read more. Continue reading →

Operation Love Affair

 A free flea market organized in New Haven for the homeless had several advantages. Firstly, it was a way to help out the community and support the neediest. And secondly, it was a lesson for the kids to come out and volunteer. Click here to read more. Continue reading →

Waste Land

WASTE LAND is not a movie about people working and living at the world’s largest garbage damp. It is a story of dignity, despair and inspiring characters who begin to re-imagine their lives. The artist Vik Muniz  reveals a  transformative power of art and the alchemy of the human spirit. Click here to read more Continue reading →

Homeless Street Art

The artist Michael Aaron Williams draws attention to the homeless by creating street art. He puts his homeless street people in places where passersby could find them, take them off the wall and bring them home. Click here to read more. Continue reading →