Living with Dignity: TNDC to Add 174 Units of Permanent Affordable Housing for Chronically Homeless

One hundred and seventy four chronically homeless individuals will soon be living with dignity in one of the Tenderloin’s most majestic buildings, thanks in large part to a public-private partnership between the City of San Francisco and the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending homelessness through permanent, affordable and supportive housing. […] Continue reading →

Dadaab refugee camp faces $25-million shortfall

The Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya is the biggest in the world, a sprawl of nearly half a million people, some of whom have lived there for about two decades. Residents who fled famine and warfare in Somalia have now seen grandchildren born and raised in what was supposed to have been a temporary […] Continue reading →

Number of Homeless Worldwide

It is very difficult to determine how many homeless people there are in the world because countries have different legal definitions for homelessness. Natural disasters and sudden civil unrest also complicate the picture. The best we have is a conservative estimate from the United Nations in 2005, which puts the number of homeless at 100 […] Continue reading →

Homeless in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has 15.000 ‘reported’ homeless of which 4.500 children. At least 15.000 people live in the streets of Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires where last year 113 died because of the cold or lack of medical assistance, warned a report from a Non Government Organization, Doctors of the World and Project 7. “In the city […] Continue reading →

Haitian earthquake 1.5 year on

400,000 Homeless Still Wait For a Plan: Support Housing Rights in Haiti. They face high rates of gender-based violence; they lack access to clean water and toilets; and now, in yet another rainy season, they face flooding and a surge in cholera. One in five is also at risk of imminent forced eviction. These are […] Continue reading →