Homeless children in NY

I used to dread it when people at school asked me where I live or if we could hang out at my place. I would try to give my schoolmates a general response, maybe the name of a neighborhood, but they always pressed for more. I’ve been homeless on and off for most of my […] Continue reading →

Women alone

Lebanon has the highest number of Syrian refugee women providing for their families of all the countries in the Middle East who host Syrian refugees. In Bar Elias, Fawza’s whole family would eat five cucumbers, two tomatoes, three onions and two lemons that day. But water was most important. Read more here.  Continue reading →

You may think of homelessness as a distinctly urban issue, with people sleeping in shelters or on the streets. But homelessness happens in rural communities too, and it happens to children.  For Desiree Wieczorek, a 10th-grader in northern New York, homelessness was all too real last year. For five months, she and her family lived […] Continue reading →

Focus on Homelessness

Homelessness is nothing new and it’s an issue that affects people across the world. Despite it being something everyone is aware of, it can be easy to forget how many people are affected by it. A recent report by family support service Anglicare Victoria highlighted the increasingly challenging housing predicament for many low-income Australians, in particular for single […] Continue reading →