Locals protest over homeless shelter

AN ACTION group in Dublin 8 is trying to prevent changes to a service for young homeless people which they believe could put local children at risk. The service at the Foyer in St Catherine’s Community Centre on Marrowbone Lane, which is currently run by Cara Housing Association, has been in operation for a decade […] Continue reading →

They just don’t want to work.

"They just don't want to work." by Martijn Crowe I still hear it said about homeless by many, in Europe, in South America, in Asia. In São Paulo you can see many homeless people on the street, collecting trash and pulling their carts through the town and traffic. When we went with them through the city we noticed how many people are working this […] Continue reading →

Homeless people face a Catch-22 over IDs

Living with homelessness is hard enough. Try getting out of homelessness without an ID. Recent changes to the rules for acquiring a Social Security card have made it almost impossible for people who don’t already have a Florida ID to acquire one. It’s a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand […] Continue reading →


Cambodia by Martijn Crowe In Phnom Penhh, many children live on the streets, mostly with their whole family, taking care of eachother by begging and sometimes selling stuff to tourists. This family was living in between a bakery and computerstore, and the oldest girl came to show us her baby brother proudly. Photography by Martijn Crowe www.thefaketory.org We would […] Continue reading →

Counting the ‘Hidden’ Homeless

Homeless Persons’ Week 2013 is shining the spotlight on the ‘hidden homeless’, and on the need to strengthen strategies towards halving homelessness by 2020, according to Homelessness Australia, the national peak body representing homelessness services. More than 105,000 people in Australia experience homelessness on any given night, and just six per cent of them are […] Continue reading →

Concern about Hawaii’s fly homeless home program

A program that would help fly homeless people in Hawaii back to the mainland is being greeted with skepticism by the state’s human services officials and groups that help the homeless. A provision allowing the state Department of Human Services to coordinate a voluntary “return-to-home” program is included in a new state law. To see […] Continue reading →