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Borei Keila evictees plead case

Chhay Kimhon (second from right) speaks to reporters near the Municipal Hall yesterday after representatives of 117 families evicted from Borei Keila in January met officials to discuss their housing claims. Homeless Borei Keila evictees who have been living in tents surrounded by garbage since authorities bulldozed their homes in January pleaded outside Phnom Penh […] Continue reading →

Cheaper to buy homeless their own place

OTTAWA — A new study says there’s a consensus forming on how to fix one of the most stubborn social problems: homelessness. The study by Stephen Gaetz, director of the Canadian Homelessness Research Network, pulls together research from across Canada and the United States, which suggests it’s far cheaper to give a homeless person a […] Continue reading →

Is It Wrong to Take Photos of Homeless People?

Even though I have no understanding of the techinical aspects like ISO or f-something or whatever, I am a huge fan of photography. It is art. I regularly feed my obsession with Flickr and because I write about homelessness I am always looking for photos of homeless men and women around the world. Sadly, there […] Continue reading →