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Definition of homeless widened

The federal government is widening its definition of homelessness. Housing and Homelessness Minister Mark Butler said on Wednesday that people staying in crisis accommodation should be regarded as homeless. The new definition stipulated that safety must be recognised as a vital element in how people lived. Some people may be homeless because they have no […] Continue reading →


Cambodia by Martijn Crowe In Phnom Penhh, many children live on the streets, mostly with their whole family, taking care of eachother by begging and sometimes selling stuff to tourists. This family was living in between a bakery and computerstore, and the oldest girl came to show us her baby brother proudly. Photography by Martijn Crowe We would […] Continue reading →

Homeless Agreement Signed

Micah Projects welcomes signing of National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness, calls for bipartisan support going forward Micah Projects, a not for profit organisation working with hundreds of people in Brisbane who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, has welcomed the signing of the National Homelessness Partnership Agreement between the Australian Government and the Queensland […] Continue reading →

Lost in the city

Lost in the city by Martijn Crowe They seem lost in the city, so many people living out on the streets in São Paulo, sitting walking, sleeping eating, in parks, in doorways, on banks, under the viaducts and simply in the middle of the sidewalks. clean the city. Photography by Martijn Crowe We would like to invite you to participate in […] Continue reading →

“They just don’t want to work.”

"They just don't want to work." by Martijn Crowe I still hear it said about homeless by many, in Europe, in South America, in Asia. In São Paulo you can see many homeless people on the street, collecting trash and pulling their carts through the town and traffic. When we went with them through the city we noticed how many people are working this […] Continue reading →