Invisible People

“I once heard a story about a homeless man on Hollywood Blvd who really thought he was invisible. But one day a kid handed the man a Christian pamphlet. The homeless guy was shocked and amazed, “What! You can see me? How can you see me? I’m invisible!”” –Invisible People. Read more Photo by Invisible […] Continue reading →

Drawing Life

A young social entrepreneur address homelessness creatively. The concept of “Drawing Life” revolves around a series of open air art events and Art Packs that inspire homeless people to draw. The Art Pack is both an invitation to these events as well as being a personal pack that gives homeless people the opportunity to create […] Continue reading →

Ana, Marko and Wiwiana

Homeless people are people like everybody else. You can end in the street over a night and it can happen to everyone. Luckily there are people that have a great heart and are ready to help, that’s why we’re grateful. Ana, Marko and Wiwiana, Slovenia Photography by Nada  Žgank Continue reading →


I have almost the longest history spent in the street, among the homeless people in Ljubljana. I’m literary on the open over 24 years, so I don’t give a damn (about anything) as long as I’m equipped with bottle and cigarettes…My moto (and also a street’s  saying) is: “Street is long,  wide and rich.” Darko, […] Continue reading →

Kings of the Street

Homeless of the world wants to introduce you to Slovenian Street Magazine Kralji Ulice, or Kings of the Street in English. Every day of this week you will be able to meet a homeless person from Slovenia photographed by Nada Žgank. Kralji Ulice is a Slovenian organization working with homeless people.  It is where experts, professionals […] Continue reading →

The Street Store

A pop-up clothing swapping event which was started in Cape Town bridges the existing gap: it makes it easy and safe to donate and maintain the dignity while receiving the donation. Read more about the first Street Store here and visit the website of the Street Store for more experiences from the pop-up event. […] Continue reading →

Delivering Dignity

The mission of Lava Mae is  delivering dignity one shower at a time. The concept is very simple – Lava Mae uses old buses as on-wheel showers for people living in the streets. It is not only about fighting public health problems, it is about human rights and the sense of dignity and self worth. […] Continue reading →

Global Homeless Day

The 4th of May is a Global Homeless Day. Why do we need such a day? Because the global poverty continues to grow. It affects all countries in one way or another, so by drawing attention to the problems homeless and poor are suffering and giving homeless people a voice we can make a difference. […] Continue reading →

We Are All Homeless

An artist and professor  Willie Baronet has been buying and collecting homeless signs for the purpose of using them in art projects. However it turned out to be a much bigger project. These signs became catalysts for conversations about home, homelessness, compassion, and how we see and treat each other as humans. Read more about Willie […] Continue reading →