5 Ways to Help Homeless People

The number of homeless people in the U.S. remained steady last year, underscoring just how much work needs to be done to actually lower the number of people living on the streets. To help empower homeless people, and bring an end to homelessness, consider getting involved in the following advocacy initiatives. Read more. Continue reading →

Homelessness Poems

The way you view a homeless person depends on your assumptions about his or her situation. Your values, religious beliefs, your political persuasions, socioeconomic status and work ethics are directly related to how your form those assumption. Even your stereotypes about culture, gender roles, and perhaps, race influence how you perceive the homeless.Read more here. Continue reading →

Homeless in Bangkok

When you search for information on homeless people in Bangkok, you will find the astonishing figure of about 2000 homeless. In an Asian city with 50 million people, that is close to nothing.  And it is true, there are a lot of beggars, but it is unclear if they live on the street. You don’t […] Continue reading →