‘Hotel’ enables customers to experience homelessness, while donating to charity

The Faktum Hotels campaign is encouraging those with a roof over their head to trade places with rough sleepers by booking a night in popular spots used by the homeless. India-based mattress supplier Springwel’s Sleep Exchange campaign recently raised awareness of the problem of homelessness in the country, by offering discounts only to those customers […] Continue reading →

Lost in the city

Lost in the city by Martijn Crowe Lost in the city They seem lost in the city, so many people living out on the streets in São Paulo, sitting walking, sleeping eating, in parks, in doorways, on banks, under the viaducts and simply in the middle of the sidewalks. clean the city. Photography by Martijn Crowe www.thefaketory.org Continue reading →

What’s killing the homeless in north India?

The severe cold spell in north India has been the harshest on the homeless, but is rough weather the only cause of death of several homeless people? Doctors in New Delhi  are worried about the estimated 55,955 homeless people who live in the national capital as north India reels under a cold spell. The doctors […] Continue reading →

“They just don’t want to work.”

I still hear it said about homeless by many, in Europe, in South America, in Asia. In São Paulo you can see many homeless people on the street, collecting trash and pulling their carts through the town and traffic. When we went with them through the city we noticed how many people are working this way […] Continue reading →

Mental Illness and Homelessness

Last week “Giving to beggars is bad and exploitative labor is good” was posted. This article cited people’s rationalizations for not giving to beggars. Two of the major public perceptions of beggars that the author recieved were that the adults were on the streets by their own fault and that direct charity would discourage them […] Continue reading →

NGOs call for permanent policy for homeless

Emergency measures not enough, experts say, amid low turnout at shelters Amid reports that only a handful of people have taken advantage of the hospitality centers set up for homeless citizens by the City of Athens, despite the cold snap, representatives of nongovernment organizations on Thursday stressed the need for a comprehensive policy for permanent […] Continue reading →

Homeless take shelter in graves

Two Serbian homeless men have survived the last 15 winters by taking shelter in tombs and graves, sleeping beside caskets Homeless Bratislav Jovanovic, 43, enters a grave, which he uses as a shelter during winter time at a cemetery in Nis, 200 kilometres south Belgrade, on January 10, 2012. Jovanovic has been homeless for nearly […] Continue reading →

Homeless: Small town China

I ran across some pictures from my photo share site today. These pictures aren’t from Shanghai or Beijing or Guangzhou, but they are from the small towns. This puts it in perspective for me. I get the 40 cents/hour thing now. More than anything I pity these people–especially the lady sick, homeless and mentally ill. […] Continue reading →