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Lost in the city

Lost in the city by Martijn Crowe They seem lost in the city, so many people living out on the streets in São Paulo, sitting walking, sleeping eating, in parks, in doorways, on banks, under the viaducts and simply in the middle of the sidewalks. clean the city. Photography by Martijn Crowe We would like to invite you to participate in […] Continue reading →


Cambodia by Martijn Crowe We will be working with the many streetkids who are out on the streets here, selling stuff at night, children the age of 3. Here is a photo of a boy, looking at our son Sét eating his Krupuk. Photography by Martijn Crowe Continue reading →

New approach to fighting homelessness

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Catch the crowd of 500 to 600 people gathered at the Urban Ministry Center uptown on any given day – it’s just one of Charlotte’s numerous shelters – and the sheer size of the problem becomes immediately visible. There are over 7,000 homeless people in our area. To see more and […] Continue reading →

Homeless Camp Moves, Maintains Purpose

James Chastain’s tent sat by Ferry Street Bridge for a week. He pitched camp and others followed — three, then five, then 20. “It became a neighborhood,” he says. Homeless advocates say a neighborhood — or at least a safe place for the many homeless people in Lane County to sleep — is still needed. […] Continue reading →