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Backpack Bed

What is a Swag? An Australian term for an outdoor portable sleeping unit. Made famous by old Australian folk song – Once a Jolly Swagman (old time person) camped by a Billabong (waterhole). The sad irony is that that Jolly Swagman was being chased by Police. Homeless are often chased away as well with move […] Continue reading →

Sounding alarm on violence on homeless

Group giving out whistlers to frighten attackers AUSTIN (KXAN) – An advocacy organization for Austin’s homeless wants to sound the alarm against violence against one of the city’s more vulnerable populations. House the Homeless is distributing 1,000 safety whistles encouraging people to protect themselves and others by blowing a shrill whistle to scare away would-be […] Continue reading →

Hopetel: Transitional High-Rise Housing

Honorable Mention 2011 Skyscraper Competition Asaf Dali United States As a result of the recent deteriorating economy and rising unemployment, homelessness is among the most pressing issues faced by US cities. Following the housing market crash, “tent cities” (makeshift shelters set up by people who have lost their homes) have been popping up all over […] Continue reading →

How Smartphones Throw the Homeless a Lifeline

We all know people commiserate on social media. Millions turn to Facebook to post the upset of their days and the tumult in their personal relationships. In return, they get support and advice from friends and others who can relate. The homeless, though, use tools like Facebook, Twitter and even email to set up and […] Continue reading →

Homeless Signs

The photographer purchased 200 signs from homeless people in New York City. The collection of signs that homeless use to beg is a testimony to the people on the streets. It tells personal stories of the poor and record the story of poverty in the world. Click here to see more Photography by Martijn Crowe Continue reading →

Egoli City of the Homeless

Around 1994, people from rural areas flocked to the cities to seek employment and so be able to create a better life promised for all. The city of Johannesburg also known as Egoli (city of gold) is the most popular place for people to come looking for work not only in South Africa but Africa […] Continue reading →