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Homeless Father Bob Bins

There’s a reason it’s called guerrilla advertising. Our senses are continuously bombarded and sometimes it takes these ads to jolt us out of our comfort zones and remind us, that compared to some people, just how good we have it. These bins were designed by Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia for the Father Bob Foundation, a […] Continue reading →

Do soup kitchens help the homeless?

As charities launch their annual drive to help the homeless at Christmas, Westminster Council in central London is pursuing plans to ban soup kitchens from its streets. It has won some surprising support. Gary is one of an estimated 500 people who sleep rough every night in England. “It’s really horrendous. Believe me, it’s freezing,” […] Continue reading →

Help End Homelessness With This Simple Survey App

According to National Alliance to End Homelessness report The State of Homelessness in America 2012, the estimated number of homeless people in the United States was 636,017 at the end last year. That’s a 1% decrease between 2009 and 2011, but there’s still cause for concern — economic and demographic indicators show that homelessness might […] Continue reading →

Haiti’s Homeless Fight Back

When the earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010, many in the impoverished country lost what little they had. Nearly three years later, about 400,000 remain homeless. Many are still living in tent camps. And they’re at risk of eviction. But these days, there’s some push-back. Click here to see more We would like to invite […] Continue reading →

Homeless, Jobless, Hopeful in Korea

Last week I was privileged to speak at an International Convention in Seoul, Korea on the topic of community organizing. The mayor of Seoul and the Seoul Welfare Foundation sponsored this event, which drew people from Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea and the United States to speak. As part of my week-long stay in Seoul, I […] Continue reading →

Public Life; or Living in Public

On any given night there are more than 600,000 homeless citizens of the United States who do not have indoor shelter. Most live in urban communities and are consigned to finding places to sleep wherever they can, beneath bridges or in parks, alleyways, and culverts, sometimes in tents and sometimes not, sometimes in cars and […] Continue reading →

Homelessness is not a symptom of laziness

Last week’s article by Andrea Scott split the readership of the Nicaragua Dispatch like a social axe. Some applauded and praised her for speaking her mind; others attacked her views and mocked her for comparing the situation in the United States to that of the second poorest country in the Americas. One of the common […] Continue reading →

Homelessness affects more people than we think

OTTUMWA, IOWA — Homelessness. It’s something that affects more people than we think and it’s right here in our very own community. The Ottumwa Community Outreach Center in Ottumwa serves more than 1,500 people a year, providing a clean place to sleep and to eat. Click here to see more  We would like to invite […] Continue reading →

Hong Kong’s homeless crackdown

Government-approved operations to ‘cleanse the streets’ have recently taken a sinister turn. Shirley Zhao revisits the now infamous ‘Tung Chau incident’. Photography by Calvin Sit Cheung Muk-lun has been homeless for 40 years. He has weathered all sorts of trials and tribulations in his time. But one early morning this February, just as a bitter […] Continue reading →

Homeless court faces funding crisis

Auckland’s specialised court for homeless people may not survive the year if it cannot secure more funding, the Auckland Council’s Community Safety Forum has been told. The New Beginnings Court, a pilot established in November 2010, was set up to help stem the “revolving door” of homeless people charged with low-level offending. Arrest rates for […] Continue reading →

Down and out in Paris

Tolerance has its limits SUNDAY nights in Paris are busy on the northern tip of the Canal Saint-Martin. On either side of the water, two groups form long ordered queues, albeit for different reasons. One queue is for those hoping to buy something to eat from a new gourmet hamburger truck (hour-long waits are normal). […] Continue reading →

World Homeless Day: 5 Ways To Take Action

On World Homeless Day, advocates focus on the estimated 100 million people around the globe who live without a roof over their heads, yet are so easily overlooked by passersby. In the United States alone, the homeless population dropped by 1 percent from 2009 to 2011, to 636,017 living without shelter, according to the National […] Continue reading →

Homeless in a College Town

A Documentary about the homeless in Amherst MA, a side of town that people do not associate with an educated, successful college and touristy town. The numbers are staggering! 28.9% of the Amherst population has fallen below the poverty levelThat’s twice the National Average (15%) and THREE TIMES the Sate Average for Massachusetts (10.8%). Click […] Continue reading →