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Sanawar Hossin

A0000920 copy 1024x1024 Sanawar Hossin

This is Sanawar Hossin, he is 48 years old . Hometown is Tangail. He is now staying at Rampura. The last 22/23 year’s he is driving Rikshawa, but he came to Dhaka 5/6 months ago. Including him his family has 5 members , all of them are staying in his village. This picture is taken at Malibagh mouchak.

120 x 180 cm
photography by: Martijn Crowe

Invisible People

“I once heard a story about a homeless man on Hollywood Blvd who really thought he was invisible. But one day a kid handed the man a Christian pamphlet. The homeless guy was shocked and amazed, “What! You can see me? How can you see me? I’m invisible!”” –Invisible People. Read more Photo by Invisible […] Continue reading →