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World Homeless Day: 5 Ways To Take Action

On World Homeless Day, advocates focus on the estimated 100 million people around the globe who live without a roof over their heads, yet are so easily overlooked by passersby. In the United States alone, the homeless population dropped by 1 percent from 2009 to 2011, to 636,017 living without shelter, according to the National […] Continue reading →

Cheaper to buy homeless their own place

OTTAWA — A new study says there’s a consensus forming on how to fix one of the most stubborn social problems: homelessness. The study by Stephen Gaetz, director of the Canadian Homelessness Research Network, pulls together research from across Canada and the United States, which suggests it’s far cheaper to give a homeless person a […] Continue reading →

The High Cost of Failure

Randall Forsberg’s article, a call to action and appeal to people of conscience, should be heeded by all who seek to insert morality, the rule of law, and humanity into our domestic and international affairs. “Toward the End of War” powerfully illuminates our extraordinary and evanescent opportunity to move humanity into an era in which […] Continue reading →