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Worldwide cities try measures to ban homeless

Fashion Shoot22 269x300 Worldwide cities try measures to ban homeless    Photo by Martijn Crowe

In several cities all over the world, some measures are taken for remove homeless from the street. We are not talking about helping them but chase them from the streets. Like spikes appeared in China and England, discover a resume of inhuman acts here.

Study shows high public cost of homelessness

Failing to help the homeless can come with a high cost to the public purse, with many ending up in hospitals for treatment of substance abuse and chronic health problems, a study has found. A joint research project by the University of Melbourne, RMIT and the charity Sacred Heart Mission found that 83 long term […] Continue reading →

Save Our Reproductive Health Bill

Of all the social issues, I become most passionate about irresponsible parenthood. Just seeing homeless street children makes me see red. Just this morning, I heard about an 15-year-old girl living nearby who doesn’t want to come back home. Reason: She is the eldest of six siblings and her family is a semi-squatter living in […] Continue reading →

Rhode Island adopts homeless bill of rights: Do we need one?

Some believe the homeless deserve special protection, in fact their own bill of rights. The Rhode Island law is designed to “affirm”  the rights of the homeless and prevent discrimination against them at a time when cities, including Philadelphia, San Francisco and St. Louis, have passed ordinances targeting the homeless or beefed up existing regulations. Simply put, local […] Continue reading →

“They just don’t want to work.”

I still hear it said about homeless by many, in Europe, in South America, in Asia. In São Paulo you can see many homeless people on the street, collecting trash and pulling their carts through the town and traffic. When we went with them through the city we noticed how many people are working this way […] Continue reading →

Back-to-work scheme ‘failing homeless’

Homeless people are being failed by the government’s flagship back-to-work programme despite large amounts of public money being given to private firms to cut chronic employment, a new report warns. One in five homeless people have had benefits cut or stopped in the first year of the Work Programme amid serious concerns about a dramatic […] Continue reading →

Critics say new definition of ‘homeless’ too broad, includes those only ‘at risk’

Canada’s first official definition of homelessness, published this week by a team of Toronto-based of researchers, includes people who are simply “at risk” of ending up on the street – prompting critics to argue that it paints an overly broad picture of the country’s homeless population. “To say a person is homeless just because they’re […] Continue reading →

Giving the homeless a place to live costs less than providing shelters and emergency services

 Last month, the Canadian Homelessness Research Network (CHRN) released a compilation report on the costs of caring for Canadians on the street. While homeless advocates usually make appeals to compassion and morality when championing policy reforms to help the most impoverished of this country’s citizens, the report attempts to illustrate empirically the financial impact of […] Continue reading →