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Homeless USA

Inside the dark and dangerous sewer homes made by vagrants in the drainage tunnels beneath the glitz of Las Vegas

Beneath the gaudy, blinding lights of Sin City, where the famous Las Vegsa Strip never goes dark, untold number of homeless people have taken of residence in the sewer tunnels, where the sun never shines. Las Vegas attracts high-rollings gamblers, big spending tourists and the biggest names in music and Hollywood – but it also […] Continue reading →

Homeless vets more likely to die on the streets

A new study reveals that while veterans represent only 9 percent of the population nationwide, 15.2 percent of America’s homeless have served their country — and when compared to non-veterans, they are much more likely to die on the streets. The 100,000 Homeless Campaign published the results of their latest study on Tuesday. We would […] Continue reading →

Homeless children an unintended casualty of economic downturn

On Tuesday, the National Center on Family Homelessness issued a ranked state-by-state report on child homelessness. The report, entitled “America’s Youngest Outcasts”, says that one in every 45 children in the United States is homeless. “Our purpose in crafting this report…is to make these invisible children visible to the country,” said John Kellogg, Vice President […] Continue reading →

Young and Homeless

There are 1.6 million homeless children in the United States. I want to be the witness to this, to provide evidence of their bleak condition. I want to speak for the victimized children of our country who aren’t even fully cognizant of their own poverty. Infants, young children and teenagers are living on the streets, […] Continue reading →