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Arrests don’t amount to a homeless strategy

The city of Tampa is poised to crack down on panhandling and the congregation of homeless people downtown when it should be engaged in a broader discussion about long-range solutions. The City Council endorsed two proposed ordinances last week that come close to criminalizing homelessness, and there should be a more thoughtful debate when council […] Continue reading →

The right way to end homelessness

Gov. Bob McDonnell made it a priority to put displaced individuals and families in stable housing. People who become homeless typically are struggling with some other adversity that causes them to end up living out of their cars or on the street. Solving that underlying problem is key to restoring stability, but solutions are hard […] Continue reading →

Vehicular Residency is the Fastest Growing Demographic of Homelessness

Vehicular Residency is the Fastest Growing Demographic of Homelessness Mobile Homeless, or as Graham Pruss would have us all say, ‘Vehicular Residency,’ is the fastest growing demographic of people experiencing homelessness. In Seattle, 30 percent of unsheltered homeless people live in vehicles, and it’s been that way for nearly a decade. Click here to read […] Continue reading →

Feed the Homeless Tour

Our goal is to see that no man, woman or child has to live homeless on the streets due to devastating circumstances, and that each individual is able to receive the personal attention necessary to overcome their homelessness. We achieve this by traveling the country working hand in hand with teams of volunteers and other […] Continue reading →

Bill says homeless have right to be on the street

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Homeless people would be allowed to sit, sleep and panhandle in public under a bill that passed a legislative committee on Tuesday, even as some lawmakers cited concerns about its potential effect on local governments. The measure from state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, says every person has a right to use public spaces, […] Continue reading →