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Warning of homeless crisis by Christmas

WALES may be at risk of a Christmas homelessness crisis due to the early effects of the ‘bedroom tax’, it is feared.   The number of landlord possession claims rose by 11 per cent and the number of possession orders issued increased by 16 per cent, compared to the same period last year. Plaid Cymru […] Continue reading →

Homelessness in Britain described as ticking-time bomb

An expert describes the 43-percent rise in homelessness in Britain as a ticking-time bomb which poses serious dangers to the country, media report said. A large number of British citizens spend the cold nights on sides of streets and pavements. With the 43-percent rise in the number of the homeless, nearly six thousand British citizens […] Continue reading →

The true cost of homelessness in Horsham

While the winter night shelter was housing people who local authorities do not have a statutory duty to help, the cost of housing those ‘in priority need’ rose to $33,876.77 (£22,000) a month. Compared with other towns, the homelessness problem in the Horsham district is small, but it still cost Horsham District Council between $24,637.65 […] Continue reading →

‘Blue plaques’ mark district’s homeless needs

Homeless charity Simon on the Streets has marked rough-sleeping spots across Bradford with commemorative plaques. In an attempt to raise awareness of the homeless and rootless and their plight, the charity has placed the faux blue plaques in ‘honour’ of some of the typical cases it works with. Click here to see more  We would […] Continue reading →