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Homeless Slovenia

Ana, Marko and Wiwiana

Homeless people are people like everybody else. You can end in the street over a night and it can happen to everyone. Luckily there are people that have a great heart and are ready to help, that’s why we’re grateful. Ana, Marko and Wiwiana, Slovenia Photography by Nada  Žgank Continue reading →


I have almost the longest history spent in the street, among the homeless people in Ljubljana. I’m literary on the open over 24 years, so I don’t give a damn (about anything) as long as I’m equipped with bottle and cigarettes…My moto (and also a street’s  saying) is: “Street is long,  wide and rich.” Darko, […] Continue reading →

Kings of the Street

Homeless of the world wants to introduce you to Slovenian Street Magazine Kralji Ulice, or Kings of the Street in English. Every day of this week you will be able to meet a homeless person from Slovenia photographed by Nada Žgank. Kralji Ulice is a Slovenian organization working with homeless people.  It is where experts, professionals […] Continue reading →