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Homeless Japan

Japanese Homeless Camp, Complete With Solar Panel

127 300x213 Japanese Homeless Camp, Complete With Solar Panel The Japanese are just better than the rest of us. There. I’ve said it. From consumer electronics to cars, it seems that the Japanese just do things better.

I’m sure we’ve all heard that the Japanese may be academically better (their school children consistently score at the top of the charts) but they’re not creative. But that is dead wrong as anyone who has seen a Japanese game show, watched an anime, or play Super Mario can attest.

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Homeless Tokyo

The word nojuku in Japanese means something like sleeping outside or under the stars or in a rough place. “Box people” is not an exact translation. In 1991-2, the economic bubble was about to burst, but there were already homeless in a few places, mainly around Shinjuku Station. I pointed out that the living arrangements […] Continue reading →