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Bangalore has 13 shelters, when there should be 96

16 300x198 Bangalore has 13 shelters, when there should be 96 More than two years after the Supreme Court, on January 20, 2010, ordered the setting up of one shelter for the homeless for every one lakh people, the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) appears to be nowhere near implementing the apex court’s directions.
With a population of close to 96 lakh, as per the 2011 provisional census data, Bangalore is expected to have at least 96 shelters for the homeless.

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India – Institutional poverty

In India homelessness is a pandemic. The caste system has lost a lot of influence in recent times but the poverty it created lingers on. In Mumbai, one of the richest cities in India, entire families live under overpasses and anywhere there is a space that has shelter from the rain. This is alongside luxury high […] Continue reading →

Seeking the lonely and sick on the streets of Mumbai

At the Agape Sanjivani Kendra drop-in centre we have begun running craft classes for people living with HIV/AIDS. So far, 25 people have learnt how to make paper flower and other crafts and the achievement of creating something with their own hands has brought joy to their hearts and increases their sense of self worth. […] Continue reading →

What’s killing the homeless in north India?

The severe cold spell in north India has been the harshest on the homeless, but is rough weather the only cause of death of several homeless people? Doctors in New Delhi  are worried about the estimated 55,955 homeless people who live in the national capital as north India reels under a cold spell. The doctors […] Continue reading →