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Homeless Germany

Querstadtein – Homeless show their Berlin

DSC 0276 slider 710x280 crop 300x118 Querstadtein   Homeless show their BerlinFinally! June 4, the first tour will be guided by (former) homeless folks from Berlin.

They will guide through Germany’s capital, telling their stories and showing the city from a totally different angle that we are used to. But not only their stories but also history of certain places, parks and streets are part of the tours.

Do you want to see more than the Brandenburger Tor and Reichstag? Check out querstadtein.

We would like to invite you to participate in our forum at

Homelessness in Germany The visible form of true poverty

An analysis of how/why some 860,000 people are homeless in Germany, which like most nations, has no governmental structure to address this human rights problem. Munich, Germany They are known as “tramps”, “winos”, “hobos”, “street people”, “bums”, or simply homeless. They are the poor within our rich society, unemployed and with no resources, living on […] Continue reading →