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homeless uder bridge Homeless

Spikes Placed Under Chinese Overpasses To Prevent Sleeping Homeless.
Photography by: Martijn Crowe

Homeless need help, not harsh treatment

Like it or not, street sleepers are part of our city. The government put the official homeless population at 414 in May last year, though the real numbers are likely to be much higher. Many have been deprived of shelter because of a mixture of financial and family problems. Some, however, simply decline any help […] Continue reading →

Shelter in a cart

designer’s own words: This multi-purpose assembled tricycle is inspired by the sceneries of typical street lives in China. Since the retail price of a new manual cargo tricycle is less than 40 USD, this tool is very popular among migrant workers, low-income famlies and elder people who don’t drive. To see more click here We […] Continue reading →

Homeless: Small town China

I ran across some pictures from my photo share site today. These pictures aren’t from Shanghai or Beijing or Guangzhou, but they are from the small towns. This puts it in perspective for me. I get the 40 cents/hour thing now. More than anything I pity these people–especially the lady sick, homeless and mentally ill. […] Continue reading →