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Street People

1211 Street People

This is Jairy, a mentally and physically disabled boy of 18. He was lying in the middle of the street without moving and looked very angry. we tried to talk to him but he did not respond. First a care taking neighbor lied and said that his mother was getting some water, later he told us that his mother was back to her village for EID Mubarak feast and had left him on the street. The only words he could speak was Aba, which means rice in his own language and oebu, but the care-taker had no idea what he was talking about. He really made contact when I talked to him, but from a very far distance. – Martijn Crowe

120 x 120 cm
Photography by: Martijn Crowe

Sanawar Hossin

This is Sanawar Hossin, he is 48 years old . Hometown is Tangail. He is now staying at Rampura. The last 22/23 year’s he is driving Rikshawa, but he came to Dhaka 5/6 months ago. Including him his family has 5 members , all of them are staying in his village. This picture is taken […] Continue reading →

Bangladesh, Homeless

  These are (left) Rasheda, age 35, from Mymensingh she works as a maid.Right is Samena Khatun, she is 30 and also from, Mymensingh, now she is doing nothing because a few day’s ago she gave birth, she has to take care of her new born child. Her other son collects paper and bottle, etc […] Continue reading →