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Kings of the Street

Homeless of the world wants to introduce you to Slovenian Street Magazine Kralji Ulice, or Kings of the Street in English. Every day of this week you will be able to meet a homeless person from Slovenia photographed by Nada Žgank. Kralji Ulice is a Slovenian organization working with homeless people.  It is where experts, professionals […] Continue reading →

We Are All Homeless

An artist and professor  Willie Baronet has been buying and collecting homeless signs for the purpose of using them in art projects. However it turned out to be a much bigger project. These signs became catalysts for conversations about home, homelessness, compassion, and how we see and treat each other as humans. Read more about Willie […] Continue reading →

Waste Land

WASTE LAND is not a movie about people working and living at the world’s largest garbage damp. It is a story of dignity, despair and inspiring characters who begin to re-imagine their lives. The artist Vik Muniz  reveals a  transformative power of art and the alchemy of the human spirit. Click here to read more Continue reading →

Homeless Street Art

The artist Michael Aaron Williams draws attention to the homeless by creating street art. He puts his homeless street people in places where passersby could find them, take them off the wall and bring them home. Click here to read more. Continue reading →