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Fashion shoot

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The day shown in the pictures was a special day. Kelly (15) and Andrea (24), who live on the street, came to our house, had a shower, had food, we talked. To meet them and be together was like blowing an invisible wall. Kelly loved to shower, all happy and enthusiastic, jumping around at the sight of her own pictures. We had a big lunch together, so normal, an everyday custom. With them it was a new experience, to choose what you want, relax and have as many as you like. Andrea could barely eat because her teeth are infected and almost gone. She anyway didn’t want to go to a dentist, since she was afraid for the police. Realising it is her choice, her life, and not to treat her as merely a victim that only needs help. As every person she needs to be treated as a human being.

We all got in the car and went to Elevada Pres. Artur da Costa E Silva, where we clothed Andrea and Kelly to do a fashion shoot with them. They were having fun together, being like famous models…people walked by, staring, waving. We got very close to each other, clothing them, breaking boundaries. All the concepts we talk about when having intellectual conversations about people living on the street fall away on the moment Andrea gives me a big hug. We will work together more often, developing our work, deepening the connection.

All the clothes are by Lica Stein.

Photography by Martijn Crowe www.thefaketory.org

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Like Rich People

They live without a house…but when I ask them to act like the owners of a house of rich people, you hardly see the difference. It was very hard though, to find rich people who would open their house for them, so we could do a fotoshoot. Photography by Martijn Crowe www.thefaketory.org   Continue reading →

Moradores da Rua

They live on the street, under bridges. To make a living they clean the street, organize all the trash of others and sell it. Due to the financial crisis on this moment, they make only half the money they used to. Just not enough to keep them alive. I made this photos in the place […] Continue reading →

Street Sleepers

 How decent must you be, when you can accept so many visitors in your bedroom. Try to imagine that you are sleeping in your own private bedroom and thousands of people pass by. Without even noticing you? Wouldn’t it be a nightmare described by Franz Kafka? A surrealistic moment. So Join and see our daily […] Continue reading →